Monday, November 24, 2014

30 Days: Thoughts of a Future Farmer Day 24

Some Thanksgivings won't be Happy.

Last night I got a message with a link that said I needed to read a press release about a car wreck.

Friends, last night a boy who I grew up with was killed in a car accident.  It's not just that we grew up together.  We had the same babysitter, lived on the same street for a number of years, his parents were my 4-H leaders, and if I recall, he was my vice president when I was 4-H club president, and he succeeded me as president for two years.

It's never a good day to know that some parent is going to have to hold a funeral for their 18-year old child.   These things shouldn't happen.  Circumstances should never be what they are.  I was discussing this situation with my little sister last night, and I feel like when I'm exhausted I have a way of putting things better than usual.

I told her that we can't forget that life is like a lease.  It's a short period of time we are borrowing, and while we are here we have to do everything imaginable with this little time that is actually a huge gift.  It's not about how many years of life we have, but how much life we have in those years.  He had a lot of great life in his years, but he was still too young.

In this blog I strive to bring the reality of my life.  This is today's reality.  It's going to be a rough Monday, but not nearly as rough as many others' will.

Hold your kids and loved ones close.  Say I love you.  Hug them again.  Recall what you have to be thankful for on Thursday (and every day).

And please, in whatever way you pray, please keep my friend in mind.

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