Monday, November 17, 2014

30 Days: Thoughts of a Future Farmer Day 17

Life is... Busy

Time is this thing that tends to get away from us relatively easily. 

Saturday's sunrise

I've now missed three days of my 30 Days series.  That's okay because I do this by choice, not as a job.

It's been a crazy four days (Since Friday I mean).  Friday morning I had an exam, three more classes, then I drove all the way home.  Because I live three and a half hours from Purdue, I only go home every couple weeks (Okay, this fall was almost weekly), but since I was in Kansas City last weekend, I had a lot of dress clothes that needed washed and dad has an iron at home - I don't have one here. 

One of my favorite parts about going home is not having to cook.  I love cooking, but it's nice to have dinner just appear on the table.  Sorry I don't have food pictures.

Saturday I got to do some #RealPigFarming and I couldn't think of a better way to spend Saturday.  With the cold setting in, we worked on some heaters, closed up the buildings to keep cold air from bothering the pigs, and they finished soybean harvest.  You know it's darn cold outside when your manure spreader is frozen...  So there's that.  It'll wait for another time. 

Sunday at church we had a mass in memory of my late grandmother.  It was a nice morning to have everyone home for church and breakfast with Grandpa...  These are the days we remember, right?  That afternoon we started seeing a spitting of snowflakes so I headed back to Purdue.  This is what it looked like periodically through my trip (bottom of post)...  Roads were okay last night, but there are some slick spots this morning. 

This morning I scheduled for spring classes... I'll only do that two more times, and then graduate in May of 2016.. Time goes quickly - we have to make sure we don't miss anything in the process...

Have a happy Monday, and I'll be back to an early post tomorrow morning!

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 Somewhere around Worthington, IN... I think?
 The lovely town of Cloverdale, IN.
 Detour around a construction detour...
 Crossing the Wabash.
 Things looked good when I got back to my apartment complex.
 The front of my truck after three and a half hours driving into snow/sleet.

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