Monday, December 1, 2014

The End of 30 Days 2014 - Wrapping up #Harvest14

I would say it was a good run, but I never actually finished my series.  That will bug me for a while.  Next year will be better.  I find it funny that I went to Kansas City for a conference and kept up with the blog, but go home and completely fall off the wagon.  Oh well.

On the upside of things, #Harvest14, as we call it on Twitter, is OVER.  Thank goodness.  I saw yesterday where someone said if you finish before Christmas you don't have enough acres... I beg to differ.

This being said, I want to thank everyone for following along for the days that I did complete... I think this is a unique sort of challenge.  In life we challenge ourselves daily.  We set goals to do x, y, and z, every day.  Next year I'll complete all 30... I promise!

Hopefully you'll keep following along for my future posts!  I've got some coming up about things such as gestation crates versus group pens in swine production, and some other interesting topics.

Thanks for following along!

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 The morning before Thanksgiving, it was about 5:15 am, dark, and cold, but the coal mine trucks across the hill were keeping me company while I fed hogs.

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