Monday, November 10, 2014

30 Days: Thoughts of a Future Farmer Day 10

God. Bless. Coffee.

There is this age old joke about, "What would college be without sleepless nights?"

The real question is, "How on Earth would I survive college without coffee?!"

I'm pretty sure the answer would be that I would not survive.  But, who could really know that answer?  I've been running on two to four and a half hours of sleep since last Tuesday, preparing to be out of town for four days, finishing homework, preparing for two exams this week, and trying to be ready and engaged in everyday life.  I've learned how to do this, but my companion is dark colored, is in some sort of cup or mug, and has a heavenly aroma.  You guessed it - Maxwell House has become more than a household name, but rather a lifeline some days.

Really, my addiction to coffee isn't what it once was - I'm often drinking half-caffeinated and half-decaf.  I always get confused stares when I say this.  Sometimes when you drink a lot of fully caffeinated coffee at once your heart feels like it is working way too hard, especially on very stressful days.  The trick was to wean off the necessity for the caffeine and move to where my body expects the same amount of liquid, but less of the stimulant.  This is a way to also make sure that when you're running on steam and need that quick caffeinated pick-me-up, it's available.

I need to go finish preparing for an exam, so there's coffee on the counter.

My closing thought today, go out and make this a great day, not just a Monday - now someone hold me to that too!!

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