Tuesday, November 4, 2014

30 Days: Thoughts of a Future Farmer Day 4

It's Election Day!

Election Day has different meanings for different people.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm 20 and this is still somewhat new to me, but today's elections share important things that we should be watching. 

Oregon specifically has a vote on GMO labeling today.  This spun high-speed based on an article written about the "blue corn" versus normal yellow corn.  In reality "blue" is from a seed treatment that is metabolized and used as a way to protect the seedling until it sprouts.  I know this firsthand.  Trust me.  When we harvest corn for the pigs, it is yellow.  The article on the truth behind the supposed blue corn is at this link.

In Oregon the argument is now for GMO labeling to save us from this supposed horrible "Franken-Food."  As much as I would like to sit and argue about the false information out there about GMOs, I'm going to simply say that if you're in Oregon, I urge you to vote NO on 92.  If you're throughout the rest of the country and can vote today, look at four things in your candidates.

1.   What is the candidate's stance on education?  Children are this country's future, and (though I could make some angry and go into my dissension with Indiana's education policy) if we fail to give them tools to succeed, we just threw the country away.

2.   How will they lead your state/town into the future?  Do they have debt reduction and business/economic growth plans that are viable?

3.   Are they so polar to one side of the political spectrum that we are choosing them with the knowledge that political deadlock is going to perpetuate? 

4.    Do they believe in agriculture and food production?  I don't mean that they seriously think food comes from a store.  I mean do they understand the groundwork, science, and technology required to produce food in a way that is not sustainable, but something that can continue growing in the centuries to come?  

These are some of my thoughts on elections.  I could get political, but I don't think my blog is a place for that, and I have a lot of work that needs to get done before I leave for Kansas City, MO, for a conference on Thursday morning!

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 Here's that yellow corn I mentioned above from the first day of harvest 14 (they're almost done!).

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