Wednesday, November 12, 2014

30 Days: Thoughts of a Future Farmer Day 12

Who Packed Your Parachute?

My view yesterday morning - beautiful morning, rainy afternoon.

I heard Colonel Charlie Plumb, a retired Navy Fighter Pilot, speak last week.  One of his big themes is, "Who is packing your parachute?" 

You see, when we go through life, we have people that do bits and pieces in our lives to ensure when we are faced with certain challenges or opportunities, we are ready.  This works the same when it comes to those who gave you the opportunities to succeed in the future in general. 

Today's post goes out to some of those who have "packed my parachute."

1.  First off I want to recognize my parents.  From day one, I have had a wonderful support team.  I've done a lot in my short twenty years, but they were always there, sometimes after they got done thinking, "This kid has to be insane."

2.   My grandparents were another instrumental part in my life.  From helping run us place-to-place as a young kid, to joining us for Sunday dinners, and being forces that not only encouraged us, but made us think and know that bad decisions would require us to also answer to them, they have always been absolute gold!

3.  Who can forget their best friend?  The to-be Mrs. has been there with me since middle school started, and we all remember how horrible middle school is....  We really balance out each other, and are different enough where life is NEVER boring (by our standards anyway - and that's fine with us).  She's also not afraid to tell me when I'm being dumb and you can't beat that.  I wish more people had those people in their lives.

4.  Siblings are a Godsend in that you've been given them and somehow or another you will learn to go through life as a set.  My two sisters and I are very VERY different people, however, I was blessed with two great sisters.  I can't say enough, but I'll stop there.

5.  My boss (to-be father-in-law) was my key to the ag industry.  When I started feeding pigs for him what seems like so many years ago, none of us knew how long this would last.  I was offered a job because they saw I had an interest, and he said he had work that could use doing, and if I decided I didn't like it, I was free to leave - no hard feelings.  That was a great move on my part (with as much time as he has to spend with me now, he may disagree) and I wouldn't change that for anything.  Plus - I think that working with him is why I was less nervous asking if I could marry his daughter.  I felt that he trusted me enough (and I've been around forever, it seems), to where I wasn't that scared for him to say, "No, you can't marry my daughter."  I loved his actual response.  "You have to know what's right for the two of you."  That statement meant a lot.

As I've said, I had a lot of people 'packing my parachutes' over the years.  Share with me - who packed yours?

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