Friday, October 31, 2014

30 Days of Thoughts of a Future Famer - Introduction

For the last few years, writer Holly Spangler has done a "30 Days of Blogging" challenge, and last year she convinced me to finally start blogging.  Every year has a theme.  I know numerous other bloggers who are focusing theirs on topics like food, agriculture in their state, and the like.  My topic this year goes along with the general theme of my blog.

This year's topic is 30 Days of Thoughts from a Future Farmer!  Why on Earth does this matter/do I think my thoughts are important?  I think that as a student, as well as someone not from an agriculture background, I take a unique perspective on things in the agriculture industry, from GMOs to CAFOs (be prepared, I love my pigs), cover crops, why I believe in no-till, and many other topics.

 (to break up the monotony, here's some of our cover crop rye starting to sprout in corn stubble)

I hope you'll all follow along as I go through my series this year.  Some posts will be based on current events in my life, and others are bigger perspective topics.

I want to hear your comments and questions through the blog and Facebook as I get ready for Day 1 on the 1st!  If you want to see a post on a certain topic, reach out to me!

As always, feel free to contact me through different avenues also, including my Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram (all hyperlinks lead you to me!). 

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