Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 2: "Take Me Home, Country Roads"

Happy Monday morning everyone!

Sorry for now falling two days behind in my blog.  This weekend, I made the trip from Purdue to Indianapolis to watch my high school marching band compete in state finals (they came in fourth in their class) and then another two and a half hours home to enjoy the weekend there.  Well, things got busy, and after leaving home at 4:20 this morning to go back to Purdue, I'm writing as I wait for class to start.

My title for the day 2 blog is "Take Me Home, Country Roads," referencing John Denver's well-known hit.  Driving home from school for me is roughly three and a half hours of (mostly) two lane highways lined with corn fields, soybean fields, and cattle.  On Sunday afternoon, I finally got a chance to go down to the farm and check on what is still in the fields that I either planted or side dressed and see the baby pigs in the farrowing house.  It was just a calm feeling.  Every time I take that turn off of 56, my nerves calm, my head clears, and I just feel better about life. 

People in large cities have retail therapy, Starbucks therapy, and normal therapy to make their life more peaceful.  When you live in a more rural area, you not only have a peaceful visual therapy of the countryside, you also, depending on time of the year, have some aroma therapy.  Everyone from town hates it, but many times getting stuck behind that slow moving tractor is a missed opportunity to take in a breath of fresh air and calm down.  It's like God is telling you, "Hey, you're doing too much right now.  I put them here to get you to chill."  It works for me... Not to mention, I've been the guy on the tractor being followed by irate drivers.  That can get a little nerve-wracking.

I spent most of my time at home catching up on local news, eating non-food-court-food (my mother is a great cook), talking to my family and girlfriend, and visiting the farm.  I don't have pictures from the visit with my family, but here are some from the farm.  Genuine Southern Indiana Fall beauty.  I can honestly say that walking my double crop soybeans, and driving every field lane that wasn't too wet for my pickup, gave me the time to gather my thoughts, make sure my priorities were still where I need them to be, and rekindling that excitement for the future.  I feel like life is based on perspective, and therefore you can make each day what you want it to be.  After a re-focus, I'm more excited than ever for what's in my future both near and distant.  I can't remember the country artist off the top of my head right now, but they sing a song about how life "makes them want to take a back road."  As you can tell, it did wonders to ease my mind, and as long as you take Craig Morgan's advice and, "...Just smile and wave, or tip your hat to the man up on the tractor," it may do you some good.  Take it all in. 

While everyone else spends fall and winter looking at pictures of the beach, here are some of fall on the farm.  If you're lucky, maybe it'll take you away somewhere peaceful and maybe, JUST maybe, it'll make your day.  Sorry if you found this post not absolutely focused, but I hope that does not discourage you from reading more of my posts.  Remember, I'm new at blogging...  I'll time.

Enjoy the photos!

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