Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 1: Who am I and How did I get into Agriculture?

Good morning readers!

I'm very excited to be writing my first blog of this 30 Days Series!  I figured I would begin with something simple.  Who am I and what's my story?

I'm a college freshman at the Good Ole Black and Gold, Purdue University.  No, I'm not going to talk about football this year...  So my story begins with a cool night in October, 1994...  Sorry, I'm not starting there.  I have grown up in the small(ish) town of Jasper, Indiana.  I had the same pleasures of growing up in a relatively close-knit family and town - the types of things we get in a small town.  With our town being the county seat of one of Indiana's "most agricultural counties," I was surrounded by agriculture.  My young curious eyes always quickly shooting to the shiny machinery in the field, on the road, and the changes going on around me.  With season changes came changes in the fields. 

In middle school, I made friends with the girl who is now my girlfriend of nearly four years.  She is a farmer's daughter (though this was a fact unknown by me for nearly two years).  Three years ago, I got the opportunity to start working for on the farm.  The first week changed my life forever.  See, until this time, I had begun following agriculture markets, land prices, and policy very closely.  Up to this point, I knew that that childhood interest had sparked what I hoped could lead someday to a career.  The day I started working on the farm, the world slowed down a little.  From feeding sows, cleaning pens, selling pigs, planting soybeans, harvesting wheat and rye, baling straw, fixing tractors, being able to walk a field and know that I had planted it, and knowing my work was going to help feed or fuel someone, somewhere.  I fell in love, with it all.  I can be absolutely honest in saying that I am never happier than when I'm on the farm.  It's not even my farm! (Maybe in a few decades if things go well!!)(Fingers Crossed).  I only wish that everyone in the world could find something that makes them as happy as working on the farm makes me. 

When I started working, it was under the understanding that if I didn't like it, I could leave, no hard feelings.  I have no plans of ever leaving for good!  Since that summer, I have spent three more years on the farm.  I learned a lot, and to this date, have not lost the will to keep learning.  This drove me to Purdue.  After looking at numerous colleges, I decided on Purdue University with a major in Agricultural Economics, and I have since picked a concentration of Farm Management.  What does a kid from town plan to do with an Ag Econ, Farm Management degree?  Well, aside from being an Ag-vocate, I hope to sell seed, whether through a Co-Op, or independently, and in time buy into the farm.  I have high hopes of doubling or tripling the size of the farm, and in time, becoming a politician.  Tom Vilsack, I'm out for your job!!  Actually, that statement is not necessarily true...  Though, not entirely false... 

The key to later success is to start laying the groundwork today.  Any day you don't move forward is the equivalent to a step backward (at least, this is how I keep myself moving forward every day). 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first installment of "30 Days," and that you continue to read my posts!  Orion Samuelson says every week, "If you eat, you're involved in agriculture."  Take this quote, and as you go on your way, think about how agriculture impacts your life.  My posts may not all be entirely agriculture related, but either way, I hope you will continue to read on!

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