Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"30 Days" May Be Over, but I Just Got Started!

Hi everyone!  I know it has been a long time since I wrote last, but when I went home for Thanksgiving break, things got crazy, and I never quite finished my "30 Days" series.  I am here to say that my time with this blog has just begun.  It will hopefully be at least a bi-monthly posting, continuing on my topic of "The Life of a Future Farmer."

I have been asked, "Sam, why in the world do you write this thing?  You're a student with a full course load, multiple organizations you're involved with, exams, and friends.  Where do you find the time?"  To reply honestly?  I feel that there are some very important things in life.  One of them is working to better the industry in which I work.  Recently I was selected to represent Purdue's Collegiate Farm Bureau at the National Young Farmer's Conference in Virginia Beach in February.  Do I own or run a farm right now?  No sir/ma'am I don't.  Then why in the world am I such an adamant supporter of farmers, agriculture, and the like?  Why do I want to go to the National Young Farmer's Conference?  I feel that the key to succeeding tomorrow is to get off on the right foot today.  Many of the things I am involving myself with now are merely baby steps in my personal life, on the path to future success for the industry as a whole. 

In a recent interview for a position with an on-campus agriculture organization, I was asked how I feel we as students and as an industry as a whole can help to better relate to consumers and other non-agriculture people.  My response was, by way of technology.  Through social media and blogs today, we have the opportunity to do more than ever before in the way of educating the public.  This being said, I plan to continue to use this blog as well as my Facebook and Twitter (@ebenkamp2013) as ways to spread the good news of agriculture, and try to relate to consumers and friends in general.  If you ever want to ask questions about ag, feel free!  Message me, email me at, or Tweet me.  I'll be glad to speak with you, and if I cannot help you, I know people who can!

Stay in touch!

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